Unità di apprendimento per i giovani del settore elettrico cinese

Yizhong Education – Edulife make use of an education process built on Learning Units that aims at competencies, and that helps the student to go through an in-depth analysisdialogueactive experimentation and transformational reflection.

A Learning Unit is a tool that enables to assess if the standards, set by the European Qualification Framework (EQF), have been reached.

Competencies are classified according to standards defined by the market, which measure the level acquired by qualified workers.

Learning Unit is the application of acquired knowledgeabilities and behaviors in a particular context or situation to accomplish a project, accomplish a task, realize a product or solve a problem.

A Learning unit is built out of 10 parts:

  1. Information
  2. Tasks & Products
  3. Objectives
  4. Time schedule
  5. Methodology
  6. Didactical Resources
  7. Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours
  8. Tools and equipment
  9. Working activity
  10. Evaluation

This Learning Unit is delivered to the student of the second year of electricity department.